Dealing with Terrorism (Deutsch)


Some months ago a journalist told me the Germans were quite naive about terrorism, and they don’t speak about it as often or at as great lengths as Americans do.  I was curious to find out if that was true, and whether a comparison could be made.  I wrote this piece for Radiowelt on Bayern2, but am not sure they ran it.  Here it is in any case.

English translation below.

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Internet Campaigning


HayworthThe business of political campaigning has become something of a science in the U-S.  From polling, and public appearances, to TV spots and the tried and true campaign-sign, politicians are always looking for a new way to reach a potential voter.  And, as KJZZ’s Tony Ganzer explains, campaign managers appear to have found a new medium with much potential, but many variables as well.

Nats:  keyboard typing, mouse clicks

Introducing Web 2-point-Oh.

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