Thanks for visiting the personal blog and portfolio of writer, baker, and storyteller Tony Ganzer.  Here you’ll find radio and video samples from my past journalism work; plus a look at my book Kneading Journalism. If you’re looking for my podcast, please visit Faith Full.


Book review: Kneading Journalism is not ’empty calories’

Kneading Journalism is a book with an off-beat angle (mixing bread and journalism), but one that seems to be resonating with some discerning readers and reviews looking for more than empty or hollow content. After earning such positive reviews from blogs including Rosie’s Book Review Team, part of me worried it would be hard to …

Kneading Journalism featured by Rosie’s Book Review Team

Once Kneading Journalism made its way into the world, I didn’t know what may come, especially with a formal book review. Despite the book’s unique premise, I’ve had pretty positive responses from both readers with some bread or journalism knowledge, and others with none. Getting the book in front of reviewers poses a challenge, however. …


I’ve been a writer, award-winning journalist, podcaster, and international communications professional for nearly 20 years in the U.S. and Europe. My book Kneading Journalism: Essays on baking bread and breaking down the news, published in 2023.

My past journalism work appeared on, among others, NPR, the BBC, PRI, Deutsche Welle, Unabridged Press, and Swissinfo. I’ve also produced a vlog series on bread baking and storytelling, and I created the award-winning Faith Full Podcast. In January 2022, I began a global content leader role for a major professional services firm.

In December 2021, I stepped away from the microphone after 8 years as anchor for the National Public Radio station in Cleveland, overseeing afternoons as the most listened-to day part. The Ohio AP Media Editors honored me as “Best Anchor/Host” for work in 2020.

I was also a founding member of a group of non-profits, academics, and citizens hosting a series of free conversations about global affairs. One event aired on C-SPAN. 

From 2010 to June 2013 I was a Zurich-based correspondent for the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation’s English-language service World Radio Switzerland.  My work covered a Swiss-Egyptian in revolutionary Cairohistory-making night flight of Solar Impulsethe future of Swiss banksthe reality of Swiss gun control; and I’ve interviewed bank CEOs and Nobel laureates.

I earned an M.B.A from Youngstown State University, with an emphasis in digital marketing, and an M.A. in International Relations and World Order (with Merit) from the University of Leicester.  I earned my B.Sc. in Journalism from the University of Idaho.

My journalism work received honors from the Religion Newswriters Association (RNA); and garnered a second place National Headliner Award in 2017three Edward R. Murrow awards from the RTDNA in 2014; a third place National Headliner Award in 2014; five Edward R. Murrow awards in 2013; among others.


I previously worked for the NPR station in Phoenix, Arizona, and as a stringer for the regional Northwest News Network.

In 2008, I was awarded the Arthur F. Burns fellowship, spending two months with Deutsche Welle Radio in Bonn, Germany.  My major project compared U.S. and German guest worker realities by asking “Can a guest worker program work?” 

Later in 2008, I toured German renewable energy sites, producing an in-depth series comparing Arizona energy policy to European practice.


In 2009, I was awarded a Robert Bosch fellowship for young American leaders, sponsored by the Robert Bosch Stiftung. The fellowship facilitated high-level meetings with world leaders and power brokers in major European cities. I worked with editorial teams at West German Public Radio WDR focusing on arts, culture, and immigrant communities.  At Bavarian Public Radio I worked with editorial teams on a daily multimedia talk show; with an immigrant-focused editorial team; and with Munich editors. I even traveled to Oslo to offer analysis on U.S. President Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize for WDR.  

From November 2020 to December 2023, I served as Co-President of the Board of Directors for the Robert Bosch Foundation Alumni Association.

I’m a past “NextGen Leader” by the German Marshall Fund, and attended the Young Professionals Summit at Brussels Forum.

In addition to radio, I like to bake bread; regularly play acoustic guitar and write my own music; I’m a former sailing instructor; I’m an Eagle Scout; and I hold multiple SCUBA certifications from PADI as a Rescue Diver.

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