Zoss the Swiss Baker closing up shop for now

The red and blue of a neon Open sign stands out well against the gray, rainy sky over Cleveland Heights on a recent weekday. Zoss, The Swiss Baker has called this home for 23 years, and things look to me just as they did almost exactly five years ago.

At that time, I had just started my new chapter in Cleveland, after working as a correspondent for Switzerland’s public broadcaster.

And when in a new place, it can help to find wisdom from people who can relate to our experience.

That’s what led me to Kurt and Barbara Zoss before. The reason I sought out the bakers Zoss again on this day is because they’ve decided to close this fixture of Cleveland Heights on March 30.

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Fans of K-Pop megagroup BTS on why it’s more than music

Last night at the Billboard Music Awards Korean megagroup BTS performed, and they won for a second time Best Social Artist, a testament to their online prowess.

I have known of BTS for some time, but I ran into their social media power and their reach into Northeast Ohio by chance a few weeks ago…when their fans known as the BTS ARMY, sort of adopted me.

On a good day a tweet of mine might be shared 10 times, but the BTS ARMY shared one of my tweets 16,000 times, and liked it 27,000 times. I had noticed many fans were helping spread the word about a UNICEF fundraising campaign, using the hashtag #RoarForChange, but I didn’t know the details.

“The members are very big in just promoting happiness and love and acceptance everywhere in the world, so that’s what this is kind of trying to achieve. And so it’s really easy to spread that on Twitter,” says Kelly Sipko, who helps edit The Kraze, a magazine devoted to the Korean entertainment industry.

“BTS is different because all of their discography is filled with deeper meanings that you really don’t see in Korea, because Korea’s a pretty conservative country.”


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