Audio Dispatch: Austrian Achensee

Editor’s Note: This is another in a series of sound-rich portraits of European cities and sites.  In this episode, I head to the Austrian Alps, and climb a mountain above the Achensee.  The trains and ferries are no match for the nature…for those willing to enjoy it. Two slideshows included

You aren’t bothered by tourists up here, on the face of a mountain above the Achensee, an Austrian lake not far from the German border.  Here you can hike among the cows, facing a steep descent to the lake.  The Achensee region is one that thrives on tourism and gimmicks, but nature kept my troupe occupied and amazed. So it is on this mountain, with these cows, that I give you my trip to the Achensee.

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Audio Dispatch: Lake Constance

Top of the world

Editor’s Note: This is another in a series of sound-rich portraits of European cities and sites.  In this episode, I try to capture the feel of Lake Constance, and a visit to an Austrian town at the foot of a mountain.

The waves of Lake Constance act as sentries on the border of Switzerland, Germany and Austria.  The region around the Bodensee (as German-speakers call it) is so integrated that ferry companies from all three countries merged to save costs, and share their international resources.  But Lake Constance also has the benefit of sitting in the shadows of respectable mountains—meaning one can sail, lounge by the lake and hike up a mountain in one trip.  And that’s just what I did.  Here is my trip to Lake Constance…

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Audio Dispatch: London

Editor’s Note:  In this second audio dispatch I take to the streets of London.  I search out sights and sounds which tell the tale of this city now, and how it once was.  With archived news stories from Edward R. Murrow I juxtapose war-time London against the present-day hustle and bustle.  Photos, audio and transcript included.

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Audio Dispatch: Strasbourg

The old town
Editor’s note: I often write dispatches after visiting a new city, but I wanted to try to use my skills as a radio guy for this post and perhaps begin a series of audio journals, postcards, or dispatches giving a taste of a city through my eyes and ears.  I walked through the streets of Strasbourg and produced this piece..perfect to be enjoyed with a cup of coffee or tea and an open imagination.  Script and photos included.

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