Interview with Canada’s Trade Minister on NAFTA, trade, more

The Trump Administration has held renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA, as a priority from the campaign to present-day

But it’s still not clear if enough issues can be agreed upon in a timely manner.

The International Trade Minister of Canada, François-Philippe Champagne, told me negotiations are on the right track.

“We’ve been making progress, we’ve been able to close a number of chapters, we’ve been able to engage. Canada’s always going to be at the table, we’ve been open, we’ve been positive, and constructive in trying to find alternatives. You have seen perhaps on the rules of origin for the important auto sector,” Champagne said.

He said the fact discussions continue is a good sign.

Aired May 22, 2018 on WVIZ/PBS.

Find the full interview here.

He also talks about “America First” and the US-Canadian relationship.

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