Dealing with Terrorism (Deutsch)


Some months ago a journalist told me the Germans were quite naive about terrorism, and they don’t speak about it as often or at as great lengths as Americans do.  I was curious to find out if that was true, and whether a comparison could be made.  I wrote this piece for Radiowelt on Bayern2, but am not sure they ran it.  Here it is in any case.

English translation below.

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A Trip-Trip to Baden-Baden

Silent station
From Köln it takes about 2.5 hours to make it to Baden-Baden, with a short stop-over in Karlsruhe. The French influence is still present here, as this was French-controlled territory after WWII, and France itself is only 10 Kilometers away. Baden-Baden would probably be a different experience, I told my wife, if one were rich.  I window-shopped and saw a wristwatch on sale for €27,000.  There was a cheaper one for a respectable €5000. Rumor has it Egyptian president Muhammad Mubarak comes once a year to stay in a €300/night 5-Star hotel…

…so with my lunch money of €10 and my radio kit in tow, I ventured through the crowds of Swiss, Italian and French tourists to meet a colleague from Southwest German Radio.

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