Munich in December

 An Austrian friend of ours tells us the Alps are warmer than usual–the weather isn’t ‘normal’ he says.  He is a lover of nature, and a long-time hiker in Tirol, but I’m not sure he would even remember the last time weather was ‘normal.’

Two hours north though, here in Munich, there is a crisp flavor to the air.  For most of this evening the city was enveloped in a dense fog.  One could taste the freshness in the cold.

With an interview in the late morning, and another later in the afternoon, I decided to walk the city.  I have found I gather a feel for a city by walking its streets.  I see what people look like as they pump gas, or buy a paper.  By seeing how folks truly live, I can better understand this place.

In walking along a river bank, and venturing into the city center before heading back to my hotel, I started to snap photos in a perfect mid-day light.  Just as the air tastes fresher when it’s cold, so do pictures seem clearer when taken in the chill of late autumn or winter.


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