Hamburg, Germany

Tis the (Swiss) season

Christmas markets descend on the German-speaking world like sunlight cast over a dark, helpless countryside.  Pre-fabricated huts designed to appear like miniature log cabins populate town squares irresistible to many in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.  Heated wine served in decorative mugs flows by the barrel-full, and crafts, textiles and miscellaneous “stuff” can be purchased for only a slight mark-up…think of it as paying for the experience of an outdoor seasonal market.

We find ourselves now in a new season, in our new country, and a new apartment, breathing in yet another trove of experience in this whirlwind journey we call life.

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And the Snow Came Down

I wouldn’t consider myself necessarily a “snow person.”  Then again I am not really a person for any particular weather. (Though 70 degree winter evenings in the desert were amazingly relaxing.)  During college I only had a bicycle for transportation, so like the postal service of old, I would pedal diligently through rain, slush, snow, fog, locusts…anything nature decided to throw at me.

But this is my first Winter in Europe, and soon to be my first Christmas in France, growing to a list of “firsts” for all of us.

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Munich in December

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