Dresden, Germany

 As if a tour of Northern Germany wasn’t enough, I had an interview or two in Dresden, in the former East Germany.  Beyond the occasional Soviet sign, and concrete buildings, Dresden offered many rich sights to be seen, as most of this country has given me.

I caught an early train to Dresden from Kiel, having to go through Berlin…where I had been a week before, and would be again in two days.  Dresden sits on the Elbe River, one of Germany’s few major waterways.

Most the tourist activity surrounds a statue of Martin Luther, and the Frauenkirche–a church all but destroyed in WW2, now rebuilt with different colored stones.  I was told I could get into the church for free, but goons at the door stood next to a sign reading “8 Euros.”  I admired from outside for a few minutes.

There was a band playing Schubert’s Ave Maria a few steps away.  I visited a nearby castle, and saw the local parliament building.  I’ll be spending a little more time in Eastern Germany next week, with a trip to Leipzig with other members of our program.  It’s hard to imagine what a separation of East and West was like for the people.  Some of my stories in the coming week will address those issues, hopefully accurately and with context.

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