Munich in Spring

Transition often brings reflection.  In relationships, career, life in general, change always brings an unsure, but steady, tone to our worlds–to the personal universes we live in.  The seasons are a perfect representation of a world in flux, and for me always bring yet another hushed moment to ruminate and muse.

With this Spring I will have experienced all 4 seasons in Europe.  That seen only on a calendar means little…but in reality, I consider it a feat worth noting.

If spring came but once a century instead of once a year, or burst forth with the sound of an earthquake and not in silence, what wonder and expectation there would be in all hearts to behold the miraculous change. – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


I don’t wish to make this brief post yet another cliché about seasons.  Many a poem, story, greeting card, symphony, exist to pay mind to such worldly revolution.  With this Spring though, I am reminded of my seasons far from “home.”

It was summer when I discovered Dublin, and waded through thousands protesting a G8 conference.  Also in summer I found Bologna and my bride, I found Germany and its possibilities, Paris and its tourists, and Dieppe with its crashing waves and subtle character. It was also summer, with a taste of autumn, when I traveled through Germany, experienced Prague and found I could communicate and thrive in a foreign language.

I found myself deep in a Northern German winter when learning about renewable energy and what some think will be the future of our existence on this earth.  And in the last three seasons, I have lived in three major cities, absorbed three unique flavors of German culture, and experienced the three members of my family learn, discover, and explore.

Odeonsplatz in central Munich

I am sure I could have, and would have, had similarly enlightening and impressionable experiences without living these seasons abroad, but I was abroad.  This is special.

The next step will take us to Zurich, where I will work as a correspondent for World Radio Switzerland.  This will be yet another city, and yet another summer.  But the time there will, I am sure, be remarkable and memorable.

Frequent visitors to may notice I often tend to take and post images with a similar profile.  I often like to focus on the sun, thus giving a silhouette effect to the man-made architecture below.  I am not rebelling against modern marvels.  When I look into the sky, and see how clouds are lit with an embossed, pure glow, I feel compelled to focus on the glow.

The sky, in instances like this, tends to act like a remarkably painted backdrop to man’s attempts at greatness.  This backdrop is to me the focal point, and I haven’t regretted an image of this kind yet.


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