Kneading Journalism featured by Rosie’s Book Review Team

Once Kneading Journalism made its way into the world, I didn’t know what may come, especially with a formal book review.

Despite the book’s unique premise, I’ve had pretty positive responses from both readers with some bread or journalism knowledge, and others with none. Getting the book in front of reviewers poses a challenge, however. The unique premise doesn’t fit into the box of romance or fantasy or crime or any of the other genres which have large followings of readers and reviewers.

So I’ve tried to seek out people with an open mind; people who seem willing to give Kneading Journalism a fair chance. And Rosie’s Book Review Crew definitely fit that bill.

Thoughtful and fair

Rosie Amber has a community of readers built to provide just the kind of thoughtful verdict I was hoping for with Kneading Journalism.

One reader — Just Olga is her blog — dove into the book and seemed to right away understand the core purpose of these essays: demystify journalism, provide some personal context and reflection, and throw in some bread.

This is a deeply personal and passionate book, one born of deep thought and reflection, and beautifully and compellingly written […] I recommend this short book to readers interested in journalism, its evolution, and its connection with society, and also to anybody who loves baking and bread. I look forward to reading more books by this author and discovering where he is going next.

Excerpt from Olga’s review

If you want to have a steady stream of book reviews from a thoughtful and engaged community, I do encourage you to check out Rosie Amber, Olga, and so many others.

I’m thankful to have been given a chance to share this project with such discerning readers, and I hope others will be inspired to give Kneading Journalism a chance!

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