Irresponsible Reader tackles Kneading Journalism

Submitting my book to a reviewer whose blog is called “The Irresponsible Reader” may seem a curious choice. But scanning H.C. Newton’s approach to reviews gave me some sense that Kneading Journalism would get a fair shake.

The thoughtfulness in this review and in the questions from a Q&A are truly a gift.

I’m incredibly grateful for H.C. Newton’s care in the approach to this review which I think makes a case that the “irresponsible reader” takes the craft of reviewing seriously, with the end product being discerning and fair.

My mixture of bread and journalism (what I was most unsure about in creating the book) went over well, eliciting about the best reaction to the book I could ever hope for:

I spent time afterward thinking about the individual essays as well as the book as a whole. Both in terms of the content of the essays as well as in how to apply and evaluate what I read/watch.

H.C. Newton

One of his other observations is something I’ve thought about with this book project, on readership and visibility. Of course I’ve published the essays in multiple formats. Of course I have tried to get the word out about it. But there’s no guarantee that Kneading Journalism will reach everyone who might benefit from its approach.

I’m afraid this isn’t going to find the readership it deserves—but I hope it does find readers that the message resonates with and that they can at least spread the ideas and carry them into their own lives and media consumption. It’s something all Americans need to think about before it’s too late.

H.C. Newton

I’m thankful for H.C. to have given me and Kneading Journalism a fair hearing. Through this project, I am trying to contribute something positive to the dialogue around journalism, and hope it reaches the discerning readers and bakers who can use it.

I do encourage you to read the review on H.C.’s website, and check it out if you’re in the market for smart book reviews!

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