Kneading Journalism in South Carolina’s Statehouse Report

It’s a bit of good news to anchor this short update, with Kneading Journalism finding mention in the Statehouse Report, a premier source of political news and commentary in South Carolina.

Editor and publisher Andy Brack blends thoughts from a few sources—including my book—to try to call us away from the extremes in our politics and media. It’s a relatively quick read with some food for thought on a Saturday!

Part of this national political disconnect among the people is due to an increasing cynicism by many about the media, which exists to report truths about those in power and to tell stories to connect us.  But as the media diversified thanks to the Internet and traditional outlets got smaller, unsavory publishers – and some governments – worked to spread disinformation and misinformation, all of which are straining the American democratic process. 

“Information can breathe insight into a populace hungry for life, liberty and a pursuit of happiness, and this supports the idea of information being a source of power,” writes longtime Ohio journalist Tony Ganzer in a new book, Kneading Journalism.  

“[But] the direct manipulation of information, and a press which might distribute it, is thus a way to foster distrust and quell tools of accountability.”

Andy Brack in the article “Practice moderation to strengthen democracy”

Thanks to Andy for finding Kneading Journalism worthy of sharing with readers. Please check out Andy’s work in the Statehouse Report and the Charleston City Paper!

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