Scooter pt. 2: A rough week on public transportation

That week began with long walks up and down snowy hills, and it ended with two men wanting to fight.  That week began with cold, relentlessly snowy days, and it ended with me reeling in memories of other public transit experiences I’ve had in my life.  I touched on some of those feelings in Scooter pt.1, but that week–that week was something else.

Before we discuss that week, I have to provide a kind of counterbalance to what can be seen as pure negativity about Cleveland’s public transportation reality.  Many days, the buses run more or less as they should.  Many days I arrive at work, and arrive back home relatively on schedule.  Many days there is nothing out of the ordinary to report, although there is plenty that is out of the ordinary, like the people.

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Enlightened by the Technikmuseum

Anhalter Bahnhof

On a whim, we and a colleague wanted to hit the Funkturm (Radio tower) last week. 

The Funkturm is one of Berlin’s well-known structures, and looks a little like a miniature Eiffel Tower….constructed of steel and exuding that 19th century vibe.  Unfortunately the tower was closed for renovation, but the regional public television headquarters was nearby.  So a little farther than the Haus des Rundfunks (House of Radio) we stumbled into the lobby of RBB (public broadcaster).

Climbing a staircase in a pretty sterile lobby we found radio equipment being exhibited.  Much of it was original–both in authenticity, and in the fact the equipment represented the most basic radio equipment ever to have existed.  It was on loan from the Technology Museum…and today we turned that piece of info into a field trip.

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