Reflections on the Nile: The Hustle

It’s been more than a year since my troupe moved back to the U.S., but the adventures of our last 5 years still all seem very close and tangible.  These adventures touched us deeply, and as we face new challenges, it’s good to reflect and remember the past.

We were lucky enough, as a family, to travel to places like Athens and Crete, Britain and France. And I spent a brief time in Egypt on a reporting trip–a trip that was filled with discoveries for me.  Much of my reporting was meant to give a snapshot of that time in Cairo, which was (is?) still figuring out where it was heading in its revolution.

But in this post I wanted to jot down some of the money-making observations I made while hoofing through Cairo. I hesitate to call them scams, because most of them were just ways people had inserted themselves into the tourist economy to make a few bucks. (Egyptian Pounds.) For most of these observations ‘scam’ is too strong. ‘Hustle’ might be closer to what I mean. And in a lucky break, my identifying the hustle helped me leave Egypt with a little more money in my pocket than I expected.

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Raising Kids: Water Safety


Where's your buddy?

Now, the next story in our series about raising kids in Arizona. Today the focus is on parents, and the importance of supervision around water. Earlier this week, a family in Glendale lost track of a 1-year-old boy, who then fell into a pond.  Rescuers revived the boy, but some first responders say situations like that in Glendale happen all too often, and some medical professionals are trying to change that.  KJZZ’s Tony Ganzer reports.

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