Cleveland State Wants To Train Space Lawyers

Space might have been called the final frontier for exploration, but it’s also a frontier for law. Between private businesses wanting to create colonies or mining operations, to governments looking to expand footprints in and out of orbit, there is a need for space lawyers to parse right from wrong.

Cleveland State University hopes to train those lawyers with a new Global Space Law Center. Tony Ganzer spoke with the center’s driving force Professor Mark Sundahl, and first asked…why Cleveland?

“Good space lawyers could be trained at any law school with the proper program, but this program is particularly well-suited to Cleveland because of our history in aviation to begin with—the Wright Brothers—and space in particular with our NASA Glenn Research Center here, as well as a number of very large, and very small, and medium-sized companies, that create components and systems for spacecraft.”

First aired on WVIZ on 4 Oct 2017

Hear more about space law in a City Club panel discussion I moderated in August.

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