Book review: Kneading Journalism is not ’empty calories’

Kneading Journalism is a book with an off-beat angle (mixing bread and journalism), but one that seems to be resonating with some discerning readers and reviews looking for more than empty or hollow content.

After earning such positive reviews from blogs including Rosie’s Book Review Team, part of me worried it would be hard to catch lightning in a bottle, but then it struck again!

In many ways, Ganzer’s essays serve as lessons in demystifying the Fourth Estate, this is not big, splashy journalism. There are harrowing moments, but Ganzer is hardly writing a war correspondent’s memoir […] Meditation and reflection fuel this collection, not adrenaline.

Jenni deBie, reviewer for Rosie Amber’s book blog

In an unexpected turn, another one of the reviewers for Rosie Amber’s blog also gave Kneading Journalism a look, and produced another insightful exploration of what I tried to do in the essays.

Warm and wholesome as any well baked loaf, Kneading Journalism is more than just good reading, it is nourishment for the mind in a time when many of us, myself included, want desperately more than empty calories.

Jenni deBie, reviewer for Rosie Amber’s book blog

I encourage you to read the whole review, and if you pick up a copy yourself please consider leaving a review on Goodreads or your site of choice.

This first year of being a published author has been a learning experience. I’m thankful that we’re building a small but mighty group of discerning readers and thinkers to tackle journalism and bread, head-on.

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