US energy debate heats up as Solar Impulse plans trip

“US energy debate heats up as Solar Impulse plans trip”
Published April 20, 2016 |

“In many ways Phoenix, Arizona, would be a natural stop for a high-tech solar airplane like Solar Impulse because the sun influences many aspects of life in the desert city. But temperatures are rising in the state over disagreements on how to manage the growth of solar power.

Phoenix is one of four options for the next Solar Impulse landing. The others are Los Angeles, San Francisco and Vancouver. It would be a repeat visit for the Solar Impulse team, which stopped there while crossing the United States in 2013.

“The opportunity to be able to bring our airplane to the US, to do this flight across America, [is] something we’ve been dreaming about since the beginning of the project,” Solar Impulse’s co-founder André Borschberg told a group of graduating Arizona State University engineering students then. Continue reading “US energy debate heats up as Solar Impulse plans trip”

Stupa: Spiritual Technology

The high country around Sedona is known for many things—vortices which emit energy, a chapel built on a cliff, or the towering Red Rocks.  Resting in the shadow of these sites, though, is a Buddhist holy site, believed to amplify prayers,

The Kunzang Palyul Choling Buddhists who maintain the Amitabha Stupa say it is a man-made generator of positive energy.  They plan to build a temple on their 14-acre plot of land eventually.

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Internet Campaigning


The business of political campaigning has become something of a science in the U-S.  From polling, and public appearances, to TV spots and the tried and true campaign-sign, politicians are always looking for a new way to reach a potential voter.  And, as KJZZ’s Tony Ganzer explains, campaign managers appear to have found a new medium with much potential, but many variables as well.

Nats:  keyboard typing, mouse clicks

Introducing Web 2-point-Oh.

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