Exploring the Egelsee

Just through there..
To cross into the canton (state) of Aargau from our place, requires a steep hike into a bipolar universe.  Our still somewhat suburban setting morphs quickly into mixed agriculture–cows, chickens, greenhouses, orchards.  Just as quickly, as we hike higher toward the Egelsee lake, the houses become larger and more ornate; the cars become more high-priced; the views become enviable.

Our Swiss neighbors asked us once if we had yet visited the Egelsee, and we hadn’t.   “A shame,” the neighbors implied, with a disappointed verbal gauntlet thrown for us to venture into a dark wood to find a cherished lake.  We didn’t know what to expect from Egelsee–literally  translated to “Leech Lake.”  Legend says its bottom holds ruins of a castle, and its dark water has swallowed many a person.  With those warming thoughts, how could we have not yet visited the lake?

“A shame” indeed.

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