Audio Dispatch: London

Editor’s Note:  In this second audio dispatch I take to the streets of London.  I search out sights and sounds which tell the tale of this city now, and how it once was.  With archived news stories from Edward R. Murrow I juxtapose war-time London against the present-day hustle and bustle.  Photos, audio and transcript included.

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Finding Fairness

Murrow's Way

Depending on your perspective, the “Mainstream Media” may be part of either a vast left-wing, or equally vast right-wing conspiracy.  These judgments are often based on a person’s own sense of injustice to a certain cause.  If a news outlet passes over, or offers inadequate coverage of a subject held dear, said outlet must be serving its own agenda. 

I don’t wish to defend or explain the perceived lack of neutrality of certain outlets, but in the same breath I can talk a little to what a news story should contain. 

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