What we need is trust

Strengthening ties between the public, the press, and law enforcement

Prepared remarks for the Rocky River Citizen Police Academy
April 16, 2019
Rocky River, Ohio

Mayor Bobst, Chief Stillman, Academy Graduates, Family and Neighbors,

Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you on such a great day for our community.

Your commitment to this program is an investment in and celebration of civic life. You can choose to exercise citizenship in many ways, be it through politics, or faith-based outreach, or philanthropy, or through a multi-week program like this—demystifying police work a little, providing a space for education and discussion about some of the serious challenges our society faces, and more broadly encouraging communication and community.

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Stopping Stun with ThorShield

Police officers in the field rely on many tools to protect themselves.  Their arsenal contains items like batons, stun guns, and as a last resort, a firearm.  In case of an altercation, many officers rely on body armor to stop a bullet, and protect vital organs.  But if a suspect uses a stun gun against the officer…the protection is more limited.  KJZZ’s Tony Ganzer reports on a Tucson company’s invention, intended to give officers another level of protection. Continue reading “Stopping Stun with ThorShield”