An American at Karneval


When the clock hits 11:11 on the 11 of November, Cologne becomes a party city, and costumed party-goers lose nearly all inhibitions until they drop.  I ventured into the crowds and produced a short report with observations and musings from the belly of the beast.  One thing was clear…there was much I had never seen nor experienced before. The report was spontaneous and impromptu, though still hopefully understandable.

**Translation provided by Katie Ganzer.

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Karneval’s Toll

Bad day
The official start to Karneval is 11:11, on the morning of 11Nov, but the drinking began much earlier than that.  Celebrants in costumes ranging from interesting (a giraffe) to ridiculous (smurfs, and fire hydrants) piled out of the subways and marched across the Roncalli Platz to find a brew–a morning elixir to make their dreams come true.

But this tangible inebriation came not without a price, and the Altmarkt (Old market) stood as a beer-soaked ruin.

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