Audio Dispatch: Athens, Crete

Editor’s Note: This is another in a series of sound-rich portraits of European cities and sites.  In this episode, I head to Greece.  First a visit to Athens, and then to the island of Crete and the port city of Chania.  Greece is much more than media reports portray; its history and pride are still evident. Two slideshows included.

The weight of the unknown, the false expectation, is probably heaviest on the airplane, just before leaving Zurich for Athens.  In these cramped seats one is unsure if the experience in Athens will be that of a visit to one of the world’s oldest, and grandest cities; or to one in distress, now the punchline to stories about debt and crisis.  Or perhaps it is something in between.  Here is my visit to Greece. Continue reading “Audio Dispatch: Athens, Crete”