UPDATE: Germans Take Flight


Earlier this year KJZZ brought you a report on an airline pilot training school in Goodyear, where students with Germany’s airline Lufthansa earn their wings,

(Luft_Promo) Schreiber:  “That’s a big step for me right now, just I’m very excited now, and I can’t wait to fly solo.”

After 8 months in the Valley, students head back to Germany to complete their training and move closer to becoming airline pilots.  KJZZ’s Tony Ganzer caught up with some of the students who have returned Europe, and brings this report from Bremen.

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Constellation Road: Germans in Wickenburg

The Wild Horses

Horseback is the best way to travel through Arizona ‘s wilderness, north of the state’s capital, Phoenix .  Down the Constellation Road , past King Solomon’s wash, and the Gold Bar mine, travelers find themselves at the Williams Family Ranch, surrounded by undeveloped Hassayampa  wilderness.

But as reporter Tony Ganzer explains from station KJZZ, many of the visitors to this wilderness are a long way from their European homes.

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Germans Take Flight


Phoenix is home to a number of notable aviation industry stalwarts, including the headquarters for airline U-S Airways, and one of the nation’s busiest airports with Phoenix Sky Harbor . And in Southwest Phoenix , German pilots are finding their wings.  From Phoenix station KJZZ Tony Ganzer takes a look at the European pilots in training, and what their methods could mean for airlines in the U-S.

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