Internet Campaigning


The business of political campaigning has become something of a science in the U-S.  From polling, and public appearances, to TV spots and the tried and true campaign-sign, politicians are always looking for a new way to reach a potential voter.  And, as KJZZ’s Tony Ganzer explains, campaign managers appear to have found a new medium with much potential, but many variables as well.

Nats:  keyboard typing, mouse clicks

Introducing Web 2-point-Oh.

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Bicycling to Beijing


So-called eXtreme sports are quickly moving from the fringes of the world sports scene, into higher-profile venues like the Olympics.  Snowboarding made the jump to the mainstream in the Winter Olympics, and now BMX bicyclists will attempt to build that sport’s popularity at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.  KJZZ’s Tony Ganzer brings us a look at one Valley Olympic hopeful.

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