Obama in Buchenwald

(Aired on NPR Newscasts, 06June2009)

After making a speech in Egypt, President Barack Obama flew through Germany for a visit to Buchenwald, a former concentration camp. Tony Ganzer reports on the German reaction to the visit.

Mr. Obama’s visit to Buchenwald dominated media coverage in the country, as reports praise Mr. Obama’s visit as a step in a new direction for European-US relations.

Major newspapers in Munich and Hamburg praised Mr. Obama’s 2-hour visit to Buchenwald, saying the US focus is now not entirely on the war on terror.  Commentators said Mr. Obama has a unique opportunity to apply lessons learned in the past to events of today.  German magazine Der Spiegel called Mr. Obama’s visit to Buchenwald more than just an appointment, but rather a personal chance to learn and remember.

The President in spending the day in Normandy, France as part of a D-Day commemoration.

For NPR News, I’m Tony Ganzer in Berlin.

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