Salvador Reza: Transatlantic Immigration Lessons


Immigration is a hot-button issue in the Southwest, with an ever-present debate on how to manage border security and labor.  But immigration affects many nations in many ways, with some situations all too closely mirroring that of the U.S.   This morning we have the first in an occasional series from KJZZ’s Tony Ganzer who’s in Germany on an international journalist exchange.  Tony will be looking at immigration and guest worker issues from perspectives on both sides of the Atlantic, and in this report, he tells how one Phoenix man’s past influenced his sometimes heated future.

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Immigration Predictions

Finding the effects of Arizona ’s Employer Sanctions law is not an easy task. The law went into place in January, and pulls the licenses of businesses that knowingly hire illegal immigrants. Some economists say it will be years before the dust clears from the subprime mortgage mess, and until then, hard numbers will be murky.  As KJZZ’s Tony Ganzer reports, some observers are already predicting what could happen in the agricultural industry—one segment of the economy that has been hit especially hard by the immigration debate.

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Finding Effects of Employer Sanctions


It’s been a little more than three months since Arizona ’s employer sanctions law took effect. Businesses can lose their license if they knowingly hire illegal immigrants. But  even before the law went into effect, some speculated that companies, especially in the agricultural and hotel service industry, would leave Arizona .  But as KJZZ’s Tony Ganzer reports it’s still hard to nail down the effects of the law.

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