E2 Visa: Leutenbach Update

Earlier this year we brought the story of a German couple living in Eastern Arizona, whose investor visa renewal was denied by the U-S.

CUT from story: .”…they told me nope you don’t get it because the outcome of the business is not enough.”

KJZZ’s Tony Ganzer visited Joerg and Beate Bohlig near Stuttgart, Germany to see how they’re fairing.

Joerg Bohlig: “I’m more American than German, really.  My home is there in America, in Arizona, in Nutrioso.  That’s my home, my paradise.”

TG:  The Bohlig’s now rent a small apartment in the quiet town of Leutenbach.  The apartment was actually designed by Joerg Bohlig before he retired as an engineer.  Though most the Bohligs’ assets are still in America, an inheritance has kept them afloat along with small jobs around town.

A sign in Joerg’s VW Golf. He uses it to deliver meals, and get from job to job.

Bohlig:  “I cook like grandma did..I’m happy…it’s good for dignity, and for making a little money as well.”

TG: For 10 years the Bohligs owned a German restaurant near Nutrioso in Eastern Arizona, but authorities said the couple’s contribution to the economy was not more than marginal, meaning the take at the register and the potential to create jobs was not great enough to warrant a visa renewal.  The only option for Joerg Bohlig was an appeal, but..

Joerg and Beate Bohlig

Bohlig:  “As long as you have one application for one visa…you can’t apply for another one.”

TG:  Bohlig is trying to liquidate his property still sitting in Arizona through a friend.  He says he’s considered applying for US citizenship, but in the meantime he’s concentrating on surviving in Germany.

For KJZZ I’m Tony Ganzer.

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