Attorney: There’s Much Fear Over DACA Decision

President Donald Trump’s order to end the DACA program offering reprieve for immigrants who arrived in the U.S. as children, has sent ripples through politics and communities. The order would end DACA in six months, unless Congress moves to save it.

Ohio GOP U.S. Senator Rob Portman said in a statement those in the DACA program are here through no fault of their own, and he agrees Congress should act. Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson issued a statement urging people to become familiar with their rights in case of an immigration raid.

Tony Ganzer spoke with Akron immigration attorney Alvaro DeCola about his reaction to the DACA decision. We also hear a piece of an interview with DeCola from 2014, when he spoke of his ‘breaking point’ working with asylum seekers in Artesia, New Mexico.

Broadcast 6 Sept 2017 on WVIZ/PBS:

Interview with DeCola on DACA

Interview with DeCola after his time in Artesia

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