Southern Arizona Sights

Saturday was long.  Starting with the sun, I weathered hours of public radio’s bread and butter: fundraising.  Most my time was spent observing and endulging in bagels, until my wife came to relieve me at 1:00.  She had received free tickets to an art show in Tucson, so we decided to brave the South.

We drove the 2 hours to Tucson, and reached the desert museum.  The art show had ended only a few minutes before we arrived, but we utilized our free entrance into the facilities–including the aviary, hummingbird pen, and the ever famous invisible tortoise. (Or the tortoise was just indisposed during our visit)

To utilize time, I scheduled an interview at a farm to talk about immigration.  A farmer near Amado, Arizona, 40 miles from Mexico, operates a cooperative farm.  Patrons buy a share in the farms harvest, and that keeps the operation afloat.  Even with this special type of farm, the Agua Linda farm owner Stewart Loew still deals with issues of labor and immigration.  His experience is only magnified with the border patrol checkpoint stationed a few hundred feet from the crops.

It was a full trip, and a very full day.  But our nifty digital camera stood to the challenge.

And after that long introduction, here’s a grouping of pics from Southern Arizona.

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