Alpine Views

Mountains are curious things.  Two massive plates of earth have crashed powerfully and slowly into one another throughout history, lifting mounds of rock and ice toward the heavens.  The Alps are pristine and noteworthy–awe-inspiring in their simplicity and grandeur.

On a recent reporting trip I visited many spots in Graubünden, the rural district of Alpine Switzerland.  From Le Prese near Italy, to Zuoz near St. Moritz, the sights were simply beautiful.  The air was always cool and fresh.  The sky seemed crowded by peaks, much as a city sky is crowded by skyscrapers.  Also included in this collection are views from the Austrian Alps.

The Swiss pride themselves as nature lovers, and protectors.  I can’t say whether they are those things–but if the Alps were in my backyard, I would cherish their majesty as well.

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