Prague, Czech Republic

Leipzig, Germany

Dresden, Germany

Kiel, Germany

Bremen, Germany


Like much of Europe, Bremen has a well-stocked cabinet of ancient buildings and interesting avenues.  After a quick visit to Berlin for an interview I took a morning train to the port city for a talk with Lufthansa student pilots I had first met in Arizona.  I also went to Groepeling to profile an Elternschule, classes for poor, young parents.  Despite the requisite rain, Bremen offered some tid bits of interest.

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Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt...The European Wall Street
With a Deutschland Pass in hand, and a ready package of Energizer lithium batteries, I ventured on my first reporting trip in Germany.  I had been in talks with the Frankfurt airport folks about talking about the future of money-making in the airline industry.  I had also met the VP of the Star Alliance during a press event at U.S. Airways’ headquarters, based in Tempe.  I didn’t know when my trip to Frankfurt would come through until the press officer with the U.S. military hospital in Landstuhl got back to me–she found some Arizonans willing to talk…and I needed to come right away.

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Dublin, Ireland

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