Meiringen, CH

The Swiss and the Austrians are known to be some of the most well-traveled people in the world.  I can’t give hard numbers to back up this claim, but more often than not, residents who hang their hats in the Alpine beauty seem to like to see the rest of this Earth…and then finally return home.

For my part, as a new resident of Switzerland, I feel fortunate just to visit once a place like Meiringen.

Our troupe spent three days in the shadow of the Wetterhorn, a mountain peak visible above Reichenbach Falls.  Meiringen is an odd place–it basks in its notoriety from a Sherlock Holmes novel.  At Reichenbach Falls was where Sherlock and Moriarty fought to simultaneous death…until Arthur Conan Doyle changed his mind and brought Sherlock back to life.

Our stay at the Hotel Sherlock Holmes was wonderful, even with an unsettled toddler.  We could view numerous waterfalls from our balcony–smell clean, Alpine air while sitting in patio chairs.

I will write more on our experience, including traveling to the top of the Falls, in an audio dispatch and another update to come.  For now, please enjoy the photos.

UPDATE:  Find the audio dispatch here!



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