Written and composed by Tony Ganzer

It’s cold outside, put another log on the fire,
Come closer, wrap yourself around me again
This was worth the wait, let this storm roll through our embrace
Look into me with those eyes—it will be all right

As you kiss me, I feel your warmth throughout me
As you hold me, I know that this is right
As you love me, I wish for us forever
But if this is goodbye, all right…all right

The sun is creeping toward Heaven, I’m packed you’re on the floor
Why must this be our last night as lovers?  Oh tell me now.
Know I love you as I walk through that door,
You look to me down the staircase.
Good bye for now.


Far and away, I would run to the edge for you
Why must this be our last night as lovers?
Girl tell me now…just hold me now and say:


But if this is good bye; if this is good night; if I have to watch you walk away tonight;
if this is good bye; if this is the last time I’ll see you for now; if this is good bye…all right


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