The “Jace” Song

The Jace Song
Written and Composed by Tony Ganzer

I am standing on the side of a highway
My life in these bags
I look to my left I see nothing, hear nothing
I look to my right and I fall away

And she cried
I stared into her teary eyes, and I prayed we’d be okay
Oh why today?

I have traveled so long to reach a place I’m happy
To find the one that makes me whole
All I need is a guide to tell me where to go from here
I look to my right and I fall away


She begins to cry, and looks to “the sky is falling” she proclaims,
A look of sadness on her face is tired and worn, oh
What can I do, to take away this pain?
What can I do?
I don’t know what I did
I don’t know what I said
I don’t know why I cried like I cried




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