Written and Composed by Tony Ganzer

I wish that I could hold you
Like I should have done
From the very beginning,
When I knew you were the one

I know that you can see me,
And I know you hear my words
I know that you can feel my pain
And I know that I feel yours

But why won’t you answer?
Send me a sign?
Fly down from Heaven
And take us to a time, better than today
When I feel an aching in my soul
And a yearning down inside—
I’m living a lie

I glance high and cry to the heavens,
Something’s just not right here
I gave you all I had

The sadness in your words
The whispers in the moonlight
Our dreams are done

I don’t want to believe it, that
You are really gone
That our times are finally over
And my world is dead and broken

I remember our ending times,
Sadness on your face
When our tired lives were ending and
We were in too deep


Copyright © 2009 All rights reserved unless otherwise stated.

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