And the Snow Came Down

I wouldn’t consider myself necessarily a “snow person.”  Then again I am not really a person for any particular weather. (Though 70 degree winter evenings in the desert were amazingly relaxing.)  During college I only had a bicycle for transportation, so like the postal service of old, I would pedal diligently through rain, slush, snow, fog, locusts…anything nature decided to throw at me.

But this is my first Winter in Europe, and soon to be my first Christmas in France, growing to a list of “firsts” for all of us.

Our baby, for example, seems to have a first everyday, his latest being his first cold, and first really bad cough.  And I guess his first cold gave me my first cold caught by/or given to a baby.  Poor kid.

It’s not thick, but still noticeable.

Our neighbors are all working feverishly to shovel the snow off sidewalks, decks and pathways.  This is all commendable, though a little funny.  Only about a half-inch of snow has fallen since these mini-storms began, and the shovels have come out 3 or 4 times already.  Me coming from the Northwest US would have me shoveling 3-6 inches off decks at a time.  And in Arizona I had to shovel nothing more than the riff-raff away from my car.

A year ago I didn’t know exactly where I would be in December 2009.  My wife and I were expecting a child; I had just returned from a tour of Germany’s renewable energy sites, and began to write a series on the topic; and the possibility of a year in Germany was still just a possibility–who knew what doors would open, and which steps we would take.

Now we are a family of three.  We are preparing to spend Christmas with our extended, extended family north of Paris.  I will have to try to dig deep for the French skills I know are resting somewhere in my brain.  And shortly thereafter, we will move to Munich, and start over again.

In the list of “Most stressful events” in life, moving, getting a new job, and having a baby are in the top 10.  I am sure getting married is somewhere in there too.  Our family has lived all of these events in the last 2 years, some of them (changing jobs, moving) many times, but we are, so far, still going.

I again can’t say where we will be in December 2010, but I am hoping we are as comfortable and successful as we are now.  With or without snow.


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